Toccata Press is an independent publisher of books on music. As the sister company of the CD label Toccata Classics, Toccata Press is expressly dedicated to tackling important subjects that other publishers have failed to address. Brian Newbould's examination of the Schubert symphonies, amazingly, was the first full-length analysis in any language. Harold Truscott's book on the orchestral music of Franz Schmidt was the first to be written in English on that composer, nor had anyone written a book on Enescu in English before Toccata Press brought out Noel Malcolm's pioneering study of this great musician. Owen Toller's monograph on Pfitzner's opera Palestrina was likewise the first full-scale examination in English of this neglected masterpiece. Vol. 1 of Andrew Ashbee's examination of the life and music of John Jenkins was not only the first book on Jenkins but also the first on the viol fantasy. Another of our numerous titles on British music, Ronald Stevenson: The Man and his Music is probably the largest book on any living composer. And our efforts on behalf of Stevenson continue with Comrades in Art, featuring his correspondence with Percy Grainger and complete writings on Grainger and his music. The most recent titles are Tully Potter’s monumental biography of the violinist-composer Adolf Busch and Hans Keller’s collected writings on Stravinsky, coupled with Milein Cosman’s insightful drawings and prints of the composer.

The Toccata Press series ‘Symphonic Studies’ followed Lionel Pike's penetrating analysis of the Vaughan Williams Symphonies with a superb study by Michael Crump of the Symphonies and other orchestral music by Bohuslav Martinû. A collection of Martinů’s letters is in preparation.

Another important Toccata Press series is ‘Musicians on Music’, which so makes available for the first time in English writings by important musicians from other countries: Szymanowski's writings translated from the Polish, Vagn Holmboe's from the Danish, Dallapiccola's from Italian.

The titles in preparation include Hans Keller’s complete articles from Music and Musicians, a life-and-works of the Norwegian Ludvig Irgens-Jensen (Norway's greatest composer, Grieg notwithstanding!) by Arvid Vollsnes, and William Melton on Engelbert Humperdinck. Others include David Cairns’ collected essays on Berlioz, the memoirs of Rodion Shchedrin, a full-length analysis of Mahler's Tenth Symphony by Steven Coburn, a symposium of essays on Berthold Goldschmidt and a study of the influence of French music on Nordic composers from the beginning of the twentieth century until the outbreak of the Second World War.

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In December 2014 Toccata founder Martin Anderson was one of 30 people internationally chosen for a series of ‘Profiles in Courage’

Dec 15, 2014

In December 2014 Toccata Classics released its 200th CD: orchestral, choral and organ music by the Norwegian composer Leif Solberg (b. 1914)

Dec 15, 2014

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